WWA Heatwave

This is our weekly television show. It will be rebroadcast online and/or will be available for download as in a MPEG format the following week after it has aired on television. Our rebroadcasts and downloads of WWA Heatwave will be commercial free. Access will be by subscription or on a pay-per-view or pay-per-download basis. Check your local TV Guide for broadcast times.

WWA Hall Of Fame

Our annual banquet where we honor and induct retired WWA Superstars and WWA Divas into our Hall Of Fame; followed by a card of matches featuring current WWA Superstars and WWA Divas. The card also sets the tone for matches to be scheduled the next day at WWA Renaissance.


A special event fashioned in the style of a joust where only the strong will survive. The opening match is for the WWA World Heavyweight Championship and the winner must defend the title against the winner of the joust that same night! During the joust two WWA Superstars will face each other for a 10 minute time limit. If there is no winner then both WWA Superstars will be eliminated from the joust. The winner will be required to continue in the next round. A total of 16 WWA Superstars will square off in the joust! Prior to the main event, WWA World Heavyweight Championship match, the WWA World Women's Championship and WWA World Tag Team Championship matches will take place!


Thirty WWA Superstars battle it out to see who will be the number one contender for the WWA World Heavyweight Championship at Clash At The Beach! This is the battle royal you don't want to miss! It starts with two WWA Superstars... Every three minutes another WWA Superstar enters the ring. To be eliminated a WWA Superstar must go over the top rope and both feet must touch the floor.

Breaking Point

Feuds have been brewing between WWA Superstars and between WWA Divas. This is the time to settle things once and for all! The top contenders will challenge the respective champions for their belts and the champions will be determined to retain their belts!

Last Man Standing

The true test of survival! Four teams of four wrestlers... The teams start to work as a tag team to eliminate the other team members by pin fall or submission; then the remaining team members must eliminate each other. The two surviving WWA Superstars face the WWA World Heavyweight Champion in the main event that same night! You don't want to miss it!

Other Main Events

The WWA will be holding a main event each month which will be broadcast as a pay-per-view! The eight other main events which will named at the respective time.